5 responses to “Sandy, One Year Later”

  1. miclusic

    great on you jack for remembering the horror and love of sandy. one dumb little consideration.

    i think the cute term “shameless self promotion” hit its peak a few years ago, and now its dwelling almost meaningless near the bottom of language. and that’s fine, who cares in the long run. but maybe its time for a resurgence of “shameful self-promotion.” I think it begs a profound question, is such a term possible nowadays?

  2. miclusic

    ooooooh, that McCullogh cover yes was very freaky. one of the tullycraft guys had the album back in the 90s

  3. miclusic

    sorry i can’t remember anything from the album. tho i think McCullough played like a retarded guy in a wheelchair in one of their movies around that time.

  4. CM

    Wow, what a great story about those women. I had heard about all the volunteer efforts, but there was so much going on during the storm (and so little power) that a lot of stories like this one went uncovered. I’m so glad that you were able to tell this story. And you wrote it in such a compelling way!

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