4 responses to “Meatball Sandwich Review: Pizza Per Tutti”

  1. Davidsfr

    I absolutely noticed the woman in the first photo, didn’t think much about meatballs after that!

  2. miclusic

    Glad you’re having a nice time in Aruba, if I read this right. Doing ok here where we are. Today I found my new favorite college radio DJ – played The Hunches, Marine Girls, Cat’s Miaow etc. About every 4 months a new DJ will blow my mind. No one beats College DJs. No one. So Jack, I kind of envy your little Aquarium DJ Show being extremely sub-par. I’m also not interested in the being the best and all that. Think of it, there’s what, 2000? 5000? DJs who are cooler than you, and they all are 20 years old.

  3. Miclusic

    I already called her a few hours ago asking about the Marine Girls. I couldn’t place it. I thought it might be a Lois song. It’s weird I was such a junkie for the first Everything But The Girl record, I’ve never quite dove into the Marine Girls, still though royally dig em whenever they are on the dial.

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