5 responses to “Show Vehicle Flips Some Love!”

  1. Paul C.

    This is a thing that has to happen.

    Also…I forgot I “made” that video. Here’s the proper info on that from the YouTube click through:
    This video has nothing to do with the fate of Pahaquarry, NJ. For information on that go to:

    Song: Vehicle Flips – Song for Pahaquarry, NJ (1824-1997)
    from “For You I Pine”
    Magic Marker 1999

    Video: Public Domain Footage from “Why Vandalism?” from the Prelinger Archives. https://archive.org/details/WhyVanda1955

  2. miclusic

    yeah, I’m mean-spirited, that’s why since this post is about Vehicle Flips I won’t mention any of the names of the bandmembers. It was mostly your buddies Tom, Jerry, Stephen and Leital that helped Frank with the the Vehicle Flips music. Spike Jones too.

  3. Joe

    What’s really mean spirited is calling out someone on a public post instead of taking it up priately, in my opinion.

    I saw the exchange about the Krystalnacht sign. He wasn’t hijacking a thread, as no one else was commenting. You said you took the issue seriously and that’s why you were offended. indeed, your prom date headline was definitely evidence of that. Next time work it out prviately if the guy is loyal. Lesson learned?

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