5 responses to “I’m Not Clicking Anymore”

  1. David Ryan


  2. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    I click on Yahoo articles at times. Found a goldmine last month when they profiled Jerry Seinfeld’s 30 million dollar house. The Family Photo is too absurd to describe AKA wretching vomit sounds. To think I used to like his TV show. Then lo and behold, Jerry’s little princess celebrated her Yahoo Bat Mitzvah this week.

  3. Fred Pruitt

    I’ve got myself mostly trained now to not even glance at them. Most of them are about people I’ve never heard of, most of the remainder about people I don’t care about. Why would I want to send a present to Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter for her Bat Mitzvah when I never even realized she existed until someone told me here?

  4. Jane Migliore


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