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  1. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    Had a great experience at the movies this week. They couldn’t get the film to work! I’m sure you, Jack, maybe Fred Pruitt and others have had this experience. It’s the best. Though in the olden days when the film would blowup/melt on the screen, that was really cool. Anyway, a great community of 50 or so of us movie goers. We heckled, we laughed, the little girl in front me wore a Steeler Rothlisberger uniform shirt, so me and her chatted a bit. My bro-in law played tunes on his smartphone. Hung around satisfyingly for about 45 minutes. And then I sort of went out of character as we left causwe while we getting our free ticket, I sort of bullocked, I mean bullied the theater worker into giving us all an extra ticket. Twas a good night. Will have to hold off another year to see if I can have the same sort of movie malfunction bliss.

  2. Miclusic

    I think the last time that happened to me, was the film blowup/melt scenario, not sure, may have been hartley’s Trust, but I’m going with Korine’s Gummo, cause I remember it more, cause after the meltdown I was able to go back and see it, thus Half of it twice. You know how when you saw Slacker when it came out, you were, “fuckin A I live in that world! Well Gummo 7, 8 years later, I was like, “fuck, I am in those person’s lives!”

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