8 responses to “Movie Review: Jersey Boys”

  1. carli

    People breaking into song: Suspend disbelief and understand that it’s an art form.
    Musicals being corny: You haven’t seen enough musicals, or enough of the right ones.

  2. Mary

    I agree with Carli.

  3. mikghgb

    Jack, I was thinking I could forge an I.D. card for being ‘Developmentally Disabled.’ I want to get into local Art Class for Ages 5-12. Only thing is, it would take a lot concentration and work, when I could probably could pass for DD just based on my looks. Don’t know. Nevertheless, I should stop thinking about myself, and maybe work on a Book of Mormon ticket for you?

  4. mikghgb

    jack, is that a picture of you after the
    Man, compared to Mary,
    Carli, and I, you are

  5. mikghgb


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