3 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 7/1/14”

  1. Davidsfr

    Very good show, actually twice in one day to hear “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”. A local station is doing a retro weekend.

  2. Davidsfr

    That song has some gravitas; it’s been referenced by no less a TV character than Frazier Crane (who quoted it as he arrived for his bachelor party) and was used on “That Seventies Show” in a time-travel episode (maybe the pilot for “That 80s Show”?).

    And Wang Chung played a big part in the soundtrack to “The Breakfast Club” though it’s been largely forgotten. Their song “Fire in the Twilight” plays during the hallway scramble scene, when the kids are trying to get back to the library and avoid being caught by the mean teacher. Actually a better song by them than their bigger hits.

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