6 responses to “Help Karl Hendricks”

  1. mikghgb

    which English classes did you take with Tom?

  2. mikghgb

    I’ll ask Tom, I think he may have a better memory than you.

  3. mikghgb

    Just found my transcript, “Makers of Modern Drama” FALL 1990 was the title for the course. Eek, got a C minus. Don’t understand, i dug the Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg, and Shaw. Too much drinking and smoking pot during college to maintain good GPA.

  4. mikghgb

    I have no regrets. But I was a bumpkin compared to a lot of peeps during college. I remember the Wimps had an interview question about what we expected coming to college. Frank said ‘College Radio” and I said “Animal House.” Again, no regrets, but my answer was more idiotic.

  5. mikghgb

    On a final note, Oral Cancer sounds horrible. I exchanged messages with Karl after I saw the news. He’s always been such a great great stand-up person from my view. Except when I heard he moved in with my ex-girlfriend during college. Argh! He didn’t stay long with the slut though. Give what you can to help him out through these times.

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