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  1. Miclusic

    I especially like Ms Doshi’s attempts at realism from 15 years ago, with the human body and some plant life.
    It’s another way of saying that design, abstraction, and cameras are abhorred in my mind as artforms, yet at this point in time, they are almost innate tools for becoming an Artist.

  2. CM

    Impressive job – and sounds like a good issue! Congrats!

  3. Miclusic

    Dear Jakob,
    I’ve made it to lenticular purgatory! So blessed to see how this thing turns. Been guaranteed a filmic fantasy of the sculpture as of yet, but now vacillating. It could be a tangible marketable at no-cost-able product for mass production consumption, albeit for those with a wonder of words and a crafty sense of visual. Gotta cut this short, this elf has a full plate.

  4. Miclusic

    It’s obvious Jac, that you have serious, rational, officiaal outlets in JCI and Aol, who knows what else.. Makes sense that Salt in wound have the wacky noonsensencal approach within your written empire. Cause really, no one wnts to pour salt in someone’s wound. it’s just a silly bullshit saying. besides, you probabaly have some stoners in SiW readership, and I still occasionaly, but not quite like the Fun and angst of the past, where in my buddie’s dorm room Univ freshman we built this thing for his Gumby toy. I’m sure it kept us giggling for at least Side One of Hatful of Hollow.


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