6 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 12/16/14”

  1. Miclusic

    A group of us were sitting around, and I made a comment that was at the expense of Amy from Aisler’s Set. Kind of put her on the spot, but it’s a sore like that sticks out among other nicer vague memories of hanging out with her. With the good tidings of Christmas, I wanna say Amy, you were cool!

  2. Miclusic

    Are they based in San Francisco? If towns were like amusement parks, I’d say that place is Disneyland, and Seattle is Kennywood.

  3. David Schaffer

    Looking forward to listening to this, although I did deem “Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland” the all-time worst Xmas song last year. Still, it is a song that must be heard. Thanks for the Erasure tune, next year maybe we can get ol’ Capt. Sensible into the set.

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