One response to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 1/27/15”

  1. Davidsfr

    You gotta stop with “the greater Scotia area.” The town we live in, Clifton Park, has over 40,000 people. Scotia is a village within the town of Glenville. The village has about 4,000 people, Glenville maybe 12,000.

    Thanks verily for the Kirsty MacColl request, it’s also nice to hear Sweet, The Smiths, and the early 70s hit “Patches.” This version is different from the one that got radio airplay. Is that the original artist? Did you know “Rhinestone Cowboy” wasn’t originally by Glen Campbell?

    BTW the Yumbo® is not that good, better to stick with The Rodeo Burger, but now you need to ask for the cheese (it’s no extra charge).

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