4 responses to “Movie Review: Creed”

  1. Dik

    Report: Lamar Odom suffering memory loss, ‘can barely walk on his own’

    The Salt in Wound community mourns.

  2. Don Rauf

    Did any character shout “Adrian?” I think Adrian dies in Rocky V, but I thought about Talia Shire being in Rocky and then how Jason Schwartzman is her son and how Francis Ford is his uncle and Nicholas Cage is his cousin. I guess your review really wasn’t so much about that. But it’s fun to think about all of them around the Thanksgiving table.

  3. Dik

    God yous guys r dorks. Ur like the retarded twin sons of Siskel and Ebert. Here’s wat u do, Drink more ice mochas. You’lll better appreciate my comments. I’m sure of it. ice mocha lotta weed.

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