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  1. Caren

    Very cutting edge of you to see it so soon! And nice references (to Emily Dickinson, or is that Selena Gomez…). It’s good to see an honest review that doesn’t puff it up but points out the highs and lows. Definitely interesting subject matter. (I’m a little peeved over this movie because I have a similar subplot in something I’ve been working on for years, but that’s how things go). Excellent review, two thumbs up.

  2. Sarah

    Classic Jack: “When it comes to art-house Todds, I’m more a Solondz guy.”

  3. Sue Macy

    Jack: I agree with much of what you wrote. I read The Price of Salt in the 70s and really liked it. It was the only lesbian novel of the 1950s with a happy ending, and the writing was terrific. I remember the scene of them driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, which they tried to capture in the film. I probably read it as I was commuting through the Lincoln Tunnel. At any rate, that scene has come back to me many times over the years. Interesting that you reference Blue Jasmine. I passionately disliked that movie and I think Cate Blanchett was seriously miscast here. Yes, she can do haughty and upper crust, but there was so little warmth or even passion here, despite the sex scene. I was trying to think of who would be better. For some reason, I thought of Viola Davis. Wouldn’t it be great to recast this with her and maybe Kerry Washington? I did think Rooney Mara was good, but she would have been better with a different partner. And I’m with you–what happened to Carrie B.? Ended up on the cutting room floor, no doubt. I’m surprised her character actually had a name in the credits.

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