6 responses to “The $900 Plate of Ziti”

  1. Sarah

    I read the end with bated breath! Whew! (And is it just me, or are the math problems required to submit a comment getting harder?!)

  2. Melvin Q. Watchpocket

    Am I the only one who didn’t know the term “high-ceiled”? Hm, embarrassing (I probably would have said “high-ceilinged” — but that’s probably incorrect). Well, I do now, so thank you Jack Ziti. You’ve eloquently made ziti out of meat balls. Or sausage out of receipts. Or something. But you seem to know exactly how MY days go. . . .

  3. C

    I’m frustrated on your behalf. This is even more maddening than the calls to my health insurance company where they transfer me four times. I’m glad you got your ziti though. And I hope your moola has returned by now. Yay!

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