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  1. Lisa H.

    I happened to catch this on the flight out to CA. His period films are a nice little aesthetic vacation indeed, but there’s something about them that is just too light and sweet for my taste. Kristin Stewart and Blake Lively were both wonderful, but I just didn’t believe either of them was living in the 1930s. Maybe it’s the Woody stand-ins as well. The films in which he has more distance from the characters seem stronger to me. Blue Jasmine was great. And Match Point … well, I still can’t believe he made it.

    (Full disclosure: I’ve seen very few of Allen’s films since Crimes and Misdemeanors, but mostly because they just didn’t sound that interesting.)

    But you hit on elements that, even for me, make this film worthwhile viewing, including the cinematography, the supporting characters, and the family dynamics.

    I wonder what this would look like as a Cohen Brothers film?

  2. Stupid Dork

    The state of CA also uses the 5 star system for grading Nursing Homes. I did my internship at a 4 star facility, then worked at a 4 star facility, and today visited a 4 star facility (trying to add another gig for our band’s March tour. Benefit shows = pathetic and overly vain; our band breathes and lives piety!) Currently I work at a 2 star facility LOLOLOLOL.

  3. Stupid Dork

    Maggie Roche – into the void, a 4++ Star career
    I’ve listened to hmmm 7 of their 10 albums
    multiple multiple times. She was The Roches’ anchor.

    “..tough…luck….suck….” from Can We Go Home Now? (1999)

    I wonder what her death from cancer would look like as a Cohen Brothers film?

  4. SD

    on my second Rolling Rock for Karl. 8am isn’t too early for a great guy. Condolences to his family.
    He was the one member of our twenty or so 5band tour through PA (You’ve Got A Fiend tour) who my sister had kind words for when we all performed in the park behind my childhood home.


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