3 responses to “Betsy DeVos’s First Actions in Office”

  1. Caren

    So funny! I haven’t thought about No. 2 pencils and “number two” in years. Schnickeys!

  2. Lisa H.

    I’m all for good Grizzlies with guns. An extreme interpretation of the 2nd Amendment need not conflict with environmental stewardship and the expansion of responsible gun-owning wildlife populations.

  3. SD

    Lisa, I caught the story regarding Grizzlies just yesterday. I’s so difficult to keep up with the Trumpf soap opera.

    So when I first saw your comment, my mmediate thought was toward the Grizzly Man movie. Have you seen it? Hrzog directed I believe. The ‘star’ of the movie is a kook, but vErY compelling narrative from what I remember ten ye=ars back.

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