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  1. gmiklu

    gary Oldham played Sid Viscious

  2. etc
  3. Roger Eggbert

    Moo-vie Review

    3stars out ov 5

    When my wife suggested a matinee viewing of Marcel The Shell, I said what the hell, sure. It had been, gosh, almost 3 weeks since I’d set foot in a movie theater for TopGunMaverick. Some air-con, popcorn, coca-cola….I’m game. 2 times going to the theater in one month? A little exorbitant i know, but it’s summertime.
    Marcel is cute from the get-go. It’s an animated feature, but mainly justthe mainly character being animated, then later other characters. A funky kind of salt-box architecture house is the setting. Marcel finds him/herself early on in a kind of documentary (which you could say, morphs into a mockumentary).
    The movie is thankfully just 8o minutes. I don’t have the attention span like the young buck Roger Eggbert I was 20 years ago. I had no problem, when Wim Wenders introduced his 5hour long director’s cut of “Until the End of The World” at the Univ of Washington, sitting peacefully; a short 10 minute intermission and I even had enough energy to ask Wim a question in the Q&A afterward.
    But I just want to take a few seconds to say words that have been mulling in me brain, namely because of the recent passing of James Caan and Paul Sorvino. It’s a theory that I’ve tried telling friends in real life, and subsequently on facebook and Twitter. Art Is Seductive. Hear that? I’ll start a new paragraph.
    Art is seductive. When P Weller of The Jam sings about getting beat-up in an alley, or doing cocaine, only later to find out that the blow is ground chalk, i wanted the same things, and went for it. I walked many alleyways after midnight. I did coke once, didn’t really feel anything (unlike snorting heroin once – very very nice). Or when Paul Simon sings of endless streams of cigarettes and magazines in Homeward Bound. I wanted the same thing. Been smoking cigs for what seems like an endless stream of 30 years now. Magazines? In a pinch, if you’re having an art block, they’re ok for slicing up and making a collages with glue and paper.
    How this relates to Caan and Sorvino, i don’t know. It seemed like a good segue at the time. Haha, Nah. I don’t really know any of Sorvino’s work (he was in a film called “Dummy”?) It was Caan’s performance in 1975’s ROLLERBALL that has stuck with me the past 50 years. As a 6 year old seeing it, I! wanted to roller skate, I! wanted to ride motorcycles. And did both of those. 2 of the 3 times I’ve ridden small motocross bikes, i either crashed into a tree or burnt my calf on the engine /exhaust pipe. No mo mo-to cycle fo moi.
    Bringing us full circle back to Marcel The Shell. I! want the mockumenatry about me. I! want to upload it onto youtube, get 100 views, then gradually 2 million views, get interviewed by Leslie Stahl etc etc until the Marcel finale… Bullshit, I don’t want any of that. Except maybe as a metaphor for dreaming in technicolor. I highly recommend this 10 page essay http://www.klemens.sav.sk/fiusav/doc/organon/prilohy/2012/2/186-197.pdf on Metaphor by philosopher John Searle. Wouldn’t our parents be so proud of us if we could read 10 pages of serious writing?
    As I said, it was 80 minute film. My wife liked it much. I did too, despite sleeping through half of it. Thanks sweetheart wife for clarifying the synopsis on the way home.

  4. gary

    i gotta tell the wimp factor folks to come over and read this. we’ve been emailing back and forth for ten years. i think, i believe (there’s no guarantee in life) i think they find my rants enjoyable. unlike some bastards who delete my Onion style commentary

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