mortgage meltdown

There’s been a lot of talk about helping out homeowners. Alan Greenspan was the latest to suggest some sort of bailout. What is it about homeowners that elicits such sentiment? Where were these concerned parties when the bankruptcy bill was pushed through? Is credit card debt inherently less noble than mortgage debt? Or if you […]

common courtesy

Senator Arlen Specter doesn’t like being blown off. From a letter to Dick Cheney, accusing him of going behind Specter’s back to other Republican members of the Judiciary Committee: “I was surprised, to say the least, that you sought to influence, really determine, the action of the Committee without calling me first, or at least […]

"of course" and "obviously"

They are the most overused words by conservatives: “Of course we want to get out of Iraq.” “Obviously no one cares more about the suffering in New Orleans than I do.” “Obviously no one wants war.” “Of course we want to find out how the information was leaked.” Once you’ve tuned in to those words, […]

Mike Huckabee

He suggested that Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers, and there’s been a big flap. Amid all the outcry, one thing I’m still not quite clear on: do Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers?

The President opens up about whiskey

“Alcohol can compete with your affections. It sure did in my case,” Bush said, “affections with your family, or affections for exercise.” This quote might be more effective if he hadn’t dragged exercise into it, because, for an exercise addict like Bush, affection for exercise can get in the way of affection for family. And […]

Et Tu, Murtha?

So by now I’m sure you’re all aware that we’re winning the war in Iraq. No, really, it’s as good as won actually. The surge is working. Troop fatalities dropped to under 40 in October as well as November, the lowest monthly totals since March of ’06.* And those totals each represent nearly a 75% […]

speaking of democrat-on-democrat violence

No one’s worse for the party than this guy. Rahm Emanuel doesn’t want us to talk about Iraq, impeachment, the Constitution, anything that separates us from the Republicans. The only way in his mind to beat them is to act as indistinguishable as possible and maybe trick people into voting for us. He won’t be […]