4 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 10/1/13”

  1. miclusic

    Need to be doing other stuff, but I’ll make this quick.

    happy jack – 3stars, memories of a one off band thing as a teen and we played My Generation in my buddie’s garage
    Kokomo – 2stars, catchy song, but the breath of the BB’s output is so more amazing, the 70s stuff
    HEHFU – 0stars, never heard of em, hate the name
    Model rockets, 1star, bad name, too much like Bottle rockets
    The Shaggs, 1star, overhyped by hipsters
    Explosions 4star, never heard of em, maybe I have, benefit of the doubt
    Textones, 3 stars, name again,,
    Young fresh 2stars, overhyped, but I roll with it
    gazeteers – 4 stars – “recipes on an open flame” I like singing along
    Tullycraft – 3 stars, bittersweet ending to my tenure, didn’t play on this song aside from the Moog synth at the end
    The Gay 5stars great Name
    Dressy bessy 2 stars – Fun live band to an extent, not fan of records
    Ramones – 2 stars, not much of ever a fan, but my brother liked em and Helen Love digs it
    Apples – 1star yuck, occasionally, when I free myself from prejudice, I might like this band
    Eno- 3stars never listen to him, he’s all over the place

    Grand total = 2 and a 1/2 stars.

    So Jack, like your Pizza fans, I give you a compliment.

  2. miclusic

    Jack, why don’t you stretch yourself as a writer, and try to give us something in the 1st person, say what you were up to in 1998?
    Us Indie Rock Fans were partying in your beloved REM’s 40Watt Club.

  3. miclusic

    here’s a thought jack

    if you mean what you say, post the tcraft vid on you Facebook page
    type something
    I like this video
    I like tullycraft
    I like the 40 watt Club, because you know
    I like gutarist Gay Miclusic
    I like myself more than anyone
    I like squirt guns

    for me, yeah, the ‘like’ button is handy, but c’mon- talk about overrated. talk about it

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