6 responses to “Album Review: ‘Rock River’ by Deena”

  1. mikghgb

    I went to Borders more often than B&N. More author readings (Diane Ackerman, William Gibson, Jean Luc Ponty, interesting Mrs Nobodys), and the CD music selection was massive. High prices. I’d go and browse as if it were a museum.
    Good luck Deena!

  2. mikghgb

    I’d appreciate it if you edit my comments, just to erase the entire thing. People may have differing opinions, but I think Censorship is best that way.

  3. mikghgb

    I had a change of heart lying in bed last night before sleep. Remember how I got sensitive about the “Kurt Cobain, We miss you.” statement? I don’t like to be spoken for? Not only the part you edited had tones of speaking about others in general, I also had an incident at work recently where I got upset during a meeting when someone spoke about the general “us” the general “we.” Double standards in my ethical reactions too. Putting it this way, living with my hypocrisies, I think it would be a hypocrisy to bless myself with copyrighting myself.

  4. Miclusic

    Since you erased my third comment, the fourth comment doesn’t make the intended sense about “Double Standards.” But I recommend you practice the cut-up and paste technique of Burroughs on your own writing.

    Polka Radio show on KSPC Clairmont, CA — On Air Now, you listen online. Johnny Cash rendition currently playing.

  5. Miclusic

    I think a variation on wherever Hava Nagila came from is playing now. Or may be Cuban Tango. Have you checked out the Sigmar Polke exhibit at MoMa. Why does a lot of art allowed to be crazy abstract, yet we live mostly in a prissy, logical literay ouvre?

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