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  1. Dorks Unite!

    Since SiW last memorialized Casey, I’ve recorded a new song based on his words. Continuing scant appeal among bandmates
    Another unlocked diary entry, ah well..
    Described as local drug and gang related arrests, meets Native American ignorance. The video is my becoming “lack of edits/static-y shot” style encouraging the listener to contemplate its screenplay without that human, all too human quixotic distraction.

    Special thanks to Duke, who provided the inspirational Casey words.
    And former WRCT DJ and singing in our party bandtrainwreck, Missy K.
    For we are the Doctors with or Without borders.

  2. Dorks Unite!

    Missy deserves a full SiW post

  3. Dorks Unite!

    Hey Jack, since movies and music are obnoxiously overrepresented on SiW……
    maybe contact your facebook followers and everytime a Yankee appears in tonight’s All-Star game, someone (or many) can write a funny satirical comment here.

    i hope this reaches you in time, busyman, i liked your home run call segment. Or like on TV, I guess you can do a rerun of that post?
    Go Royals!

  4. Dorlks Unite!

    On This Day in History

    1999 – David Coine of the Yankeets ptches a perfect game. The 14th! ever! Some still refer to him as a Wimp, but website Salt in Wound christens him David “Traffic” Cone, SiW is subsequently Factored in as candidate for the INISIGHT! Award given by harriet Records.

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