November 2007

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I flew into LAX from Newark last night on American Airlines. I arrived at the airport two hours early for a flight that was two hours late (information that they sold us fifteen minutes at a time, no more than we could handle). I had a jangly stomach and I’d rather shit my pants than […]

Carson Daly

was completely unwatchable with writers. And now?

a rare revival

My grandfather was a famous playwright whose work is rarely revived. A North Dakota farm boy who grew up to write plays in blank verse about kings and queens (and the common man!), he was occasionally guilty of overreaching. When I was eight, my mother told me to tell my teacher that my grandfather was […]

Bishop is the end of the line

Bishop marks the end of Route 6, the other end being Provincetown MA. Road afficionados should read this if they want to take the 6. Route 2 is also a good one.

on the road

Bishop, California

a reasonable template

In 1988, Carsey-Werner made a deal with the WGA during the strike and went back into production. I’ve been asking incessantly on the picket line why something like that doesn’t happen today. A recent Wall Street Journal article poses the same question: It would be nice if some of the few remaining independents stepped […]

Bethlehem Steel

In keeping with the labor theme, John requested something related to Bethlehem Steel. A mere 50 years ago this was one of the largest companies in the world. And now it’s about to be converted into a casino: For decades a diverse coalition of legislators was able to keep the forces of gambling at […]

St. Crispin’s Day

In 1988, most of the meetings were held at the Hollywood Palladium. Our debonair executive director Brian Walton would get the crowd whipped into a reliable frenzy. Even in defeat, he gave the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…” Standing O! At the meetings, there […]

Marc Cherry’s face

writer’s guild v.i.p.?

I heard there was a sign with those weird words pointing upstairs at the strike meeting at the Convention Center. I haven’t been able to confirm the report, but issues of status have crept onto the picket line, and in ways that cut deeper than John Stamos and unavailable tee shirts. There was a strategic […]