7 responses to “Daniel Johnston Day”

  1. Craig Feuerzeig

    Great meeting you Jack. In another instance of small world/NJ… I happened to meet “The Champ” not 2 months ago, at a wake for a mutual friend. Super nice guy, Chuck. Class act.

  2. Janice Demeski

    I noticed you at Tierney’s with the Daniel Johnston shirt and thought, “Huh, what are the odds?” Nice post!

  3. David

    You know that our mutual friend Jerry’s ex, Terry, is the person who offered Daniel the really great record deal (that Daniel did not end up signing) in the film, right?

  4. miclusick

    I admire his song “I did Acid with Caroline.” Out of the ten or so times I tripped, only once was I lucky to be with a girl with whom I shared a sort of romance. The peak happened on a sunny day in the mountains snowshoeing, but other moments of the day were psychedelically squeamish. Basically our art aesthetics differed; I was/am more Bob Ross, and she was more Daniel Johnston.

  5. Irwin Chusid

    Someone sent me a link to this post. Did Daniel Johnston die today or something?

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