personal safety

Japanese Cones

We spotted some of these cat cones in Japan, in various sectors. Oftentimes they connect the cones with plastic connectors, unseen in the States.

Territory Cone

Cone spotted in Guam Airport: I’m disappointed I didn’t have my camera on me when my brother-in-law pointed out a cone in the middle of jungle on the nearby island of Rota. It didn’t appear to have a purpose.

Romantic Cones

I saw this image on Isa’s computer. She has no idea where it came from. It’s so rich with symbolism: are the cones having a romantic moment in a beautiful place? Are we, the viewers, being warned of the danger of continuing further into the beautiful waterfall?Why were the cones framed so properly in the […]

Cono de Tráfico

Cone up to Code

Spotted: Traffic cone array in Westlake Village

Topanga Traffic Cone

Frank’s traffic cone post inspired me to show him how it’s done in Topanga. This neighbor has a GREEN traffic cone, at the ready, for any situation that might come his way:

Helicopter in Topanga

Yesterday John and I were sitting on the yurt steps and watching the dogs roll around in the grass. I saw a red helicopter fly over us. I noted it wasn’t a news chopper, police or fire either. There was something odd about it– perhaps its trajectory or speed–that I couldn’t put my finger on. […]

The lowly traffic cone

Traffic cones are among the most inconspicuous features in the landscape. This is interesting, because they are supposed to conspicuous – signifying the need for attention and caution. But they are constantly being left behind and forgotten. The cone pictured here has been perched at the base of a light pole near my house for […]