A Salt In Wound Game

Lately when I read new posts (not comments, just posts), I keep the name of the author scrolled off the bottom of the screen. When I finish the post I try to guess who wrote it. Frank, your Gazetteers post was easy, but that’s because Bernie loaned me your CD’s (which I like very much). […]

The State of Salt in Wound

Right now, we have eight registered “posters.” Of those, Frank, Robert, Bernie and myself have been posting fairly regularly. Chris has been posting more lately (thanks, Chris!) and Paul teased us (and I hope will tease us again soon). Elizabeth is lurking, waiting for just the right moment (you’d better not be fucking with us, […]

The Morning Paper

I still subscribe to the local daily newspaper, the Albany Times Union, in spite of (or perhaps because of) its increasingly anachronistic nature. For example, our comics page contains at least five deceased authors: Charles Schulz, Dik Browne, Abigail Van Buren, Bil Keane, and Isaac Asimov (Isaac Asimov’s Super Quiz; ironically, today’s topic is ‘people […]

meta-ing of the minds

While we’re disappearing up our own assholes, I wanted to practice doing a link.

A Meta-post

Three things that bug me about blogger, our blog editor/host: Forced Astrological signs. Take a look at this guys profile. See how it lists his sign(s)? This isn’t because the guy believes in astrology, it’s because if you want to list your age on your profile, Blogger forces the star sign on you too. So […]