February 2008

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It’s the diagnosis I got yesterday, but I’ve been having the same abdominal pain on and off for about seven years. When it first happened, I was living in Northern California and went to see a doctor who specialized in treating pilots and all things aviation related. He prescribed Prevacid, describing it as a miracle […]

Home Remodeling Ethics

Okay, so there is a situation that has arisen between two neighbors of mine that live across the street. No, it’s not about dog poop this time. The family living in the house across the street is in the middle of adding a second story to their house. They’ve got two boys just entering their […]

Not Picking Up Your Dog’s Poop

It’s 2008, right? I mean, I know that’s not what it is according to certain other calendars (5768 according to the Jewish calendar) but generally we would all agree that we are in the 21st century. So why is it in this modern time that some of my neighbors haven’t gotten the memo that leaving […]

How do they do it?

You’re very lucky if you create one hit television show. But for David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, the ideas just keep on flowing. The creators of Will and Grace have sold a new show to ABC, loosely based on their relationship, about the friendship and working partnership of a straight man and his gay best […]

The Secret

My employer recently opened a Wellness Center. (Considering my employer is the state Department of Health, this is arguably several decades behind the curve). There have been a series of lunchtime discussions and activities related to dieting, stress relief, aging gracefully, tai chi, and the like. None of this caught my attention until I saw […]

SiW Birthday List?

You know, some of us know each other very well and many of us have never met… maybe it would be a nice idea for us each to post our birth dates, so that when our birthday comes we can wish each other a happy birthday? It might be sweet!

If you want it done right…

Think Progress has a nice catch from an NPR interview, in which Attorney General Mukasey acts as if the current debate about waterboarding is academic: OK, let’s assume that the president wants, despite a finding of illegality under law, to have waterboarding done, who is it precisely that he’s going to get to do it? […]


Isa and I were working on her science lab, from her 4th grade text book. It was to measure the mass of an apple (I broke down and bought a kitchen scale) and then wait a few days, and weigh them again, ostensibly measuring the mass of the water which had evaporated. Fair enough. The […]

Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Here’s my Valentine’s day dilemma. Please tell me what you think. I’ve been on three dates with a woman whom I’m at least moderately interested in. There’s nothing going on between us – it could wind up being a friendship or something else. Any of those are fine; I’m looking for something serious and am […]