March 2008

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Get Lamp

If you know what this documentary-in-progress refers to, your score has just gone up by 10 points.

Jack, Per Your Request…

I’m pretty decent at Photoshop. Enjoy your vision realized. I actually would’ve paid to see this movie, unlike the original.

395, Revisited

We took the ‘back way’ to Lake Tahoe, the 395. (Yes, in California apparently it’s THE 395, but in NY or Jersey we take 78 or 87) I was worried, a storm was coming to Tahoe and we’d be coming in on the 50, from Nevada. I’d been watching the weather reports and although they […]


John went to college with a few very famous people, as we have been learning. At the other extreme, I’ve been surprised by how few of the people I went to college with are famous. Famous isn’t even the right word; I’m not talking about Jodie Foster-style famous. I’m talking about having virtually no presence […]

Asian Yellow Dust

There’s been a bit in the news about the air quality for the Summer Olympics. All of the articles I’ve read have been seemingly ‘balanced’ and ‘fair’ with a few people (somewhat) fearful about their health, and then others saying that China will of course have this taken care of in time.I can’t see how […]

Spring Fever

From When the Cardinals acquired third baseman Troy Glaus he seemed earmarked for the cleanup job, a big bat protecting Albert Pujols. Then La Russa checked the numbers. Glaus is a career .238 hitter at cleanup, hitting .229 there last season. In the No. 5 spot, Glaus hits .259 (.353 last season) and slugs […]

Eliot Spitzer

The news about my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss wasn’t as surprising as it should have been. The reason is a story about Eliot Spitzer taking his family skiing which appeared in our local paper last month – right around the time he was setting up his Washington, DC trip agenda. It was […]