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Cones on ice.

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Monday on the Today Show

MEREDITH VIERA: Good morning. Citing the equal-time provision, network lawyers have advised us to interview the 6,790,926,010 other people around the world who were not trapped in a runaway balloon last Thursday. So, let’s get started with…um….Curtis Lisspenard of Spotsylvania, Virginia. I hope I’m pronouncing that right?CURTIS LISSPENARD: Lisspenard or Spotsylvania? MV: Oh. Ho-ho. That’s […]


Can’t post pictures for some technical reason. Irritating. Working on it.Cheers

Two More for the Road

Really, I’ve never had a good one out here in California (I ordered one once and stopped trying. Meat is bad anyway). Behold the cheese steak! Do you know what this is? The dollop of cream is a definite curve ball. This is shoo fly pie, a molasses concoction of the Pennsylvania Dutch (Southern people […]

Salt on Pretzel: Foods I miss from PA part one

My brother came home with a bag of these, they were still warm, and not buttery like Mall pretzels. Heck, these pretzels taste good rock-hard, in the dead of winter bought from a street vendor outside of Veterans stadium after a Phillies game (but those days are over, and I really hate the corporate stadium […]

Musikfest offerings

After screaming at Arlen Specter at a ‘town hall’ meeting about healthcare reform, Pennsylvanians can head on over to Bethlehem and attend Musikfest, and grab a few of these: