Frank B.

Frank B.

Hipness is relative

Hipness is relative

from the Fort Lauderdale (FL) Sun-Sentinel: Hip new movie house adds social hub to FAU Once known for its placid nightlife, Florida Atlantic University is giving students and the community a reason to be on campus after dark.

Crime and Incident Report

When I was in college, the best part of the student newspaper was the crime and incident report. 20 years later, the tradition lives on. Here is an item from today’s The Miami Student (Oxford, Ohio): Officials find male with head injury At around 2 a.m. Tuesday, Oxford Police Department (OPD) officers were dispatched to […]

Don’t Walk

I have always been staunchly pro-pedestrian. But earlier this week when the city installed audible walk signals in the intersection outside my house, there was a problem: they were loud. At least the westward-facing one aimed our way. Seven shrill chirps every 90 seconds, like a partial cycle of a 1980s car alarm. Not quite as […]

Another letter to the editor…

…exclusive to Salt in Wound! To the editor: The slogan on your masthead, held in a fierce-eyed eagle’s beak, reads, “the information source for the Capital Region”. And yet Andy Rooney’s column is the precise opposite of information. I know, I know: he is a local institution, 91 years of age, has been doing this […]

Dodge ball!

Last week in Albany a group of local guys set the world record for longest continuous dodge ball game. This event appealed to me in a number of ways. Not the world record part, even though the Guinness Book loomed large in my childhood: in 1976, I was part of the world’s largest kazoo orchestra […]